True Vitality
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True Vitality

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Did you know that your brain uses more energy than any other organ in your body? 

Up to 20% of the body’s total haul for its around the clock functioning, maintenance and restoration.  The brain’s job is never done, it continues working even when you’re asleep.  It’s important to feed your brain with the right nutrients for optimum performance.

Brain Energy Formula

Has a combination of 4 amino acids and 5 exotic plants of ancestral herbalism mixed with perfection with advanced technology to achieve the unique formula in nutrition and balance.  Not only will you put your brain in the best position to perform at its peak, but also aid in the prevention and recovery of many diseases such as:

Alzheimer’s, muscle weakness. diabetes, epilepsy, lack of reflexes and concentration, alcoholic hepatitis, hypoglycemia, infections, immunosuppression, prevention of kidney stones, prostatitis, Parkinson’s, etc.


All ingredients assist to boost the amount of energy required for maintenance at rest, physical activity, movement, food digestion, absorption, enhancing energy, stamina, athletic performance, and memory.  It’s a main source of energy for muscles, the brain and the nervous system.

Works directly in:

the endocrine system, which is made up of the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, pancreas, ovaries (in females) and testicles (in males),

the cardiovascular system, which includes the heart, arteries, veins, capillaries and blood and the reproductive system, which is a collection of internal and external organs, in both males and females that work together for procreating.

How will it increase your body’s performance?

It helps metabolize sugar and organic acids, keeping your prostate in good condition and stimulates the release of growth hormone, insulin and other substances in the body. Eliminates anxiety, promotes mental activity, increasing the capacity for concentration and memory. Helps to prevent Parkinson’s, male infertility, female sexual problems and improve athletic performance boosting your overall quality of life.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 4.25 in

Dosage Level

Level 1 Nutrition and disease prevention

Level 2 Common disease and overweight

Level 3 Chronic disease and obesity

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
2 capsules before breakfast 2 capsules before breakfast

and 2 before 5 pm

3 capsules before breakfast

and 3 before 5 pm

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  1. Guadalupe Lozoya Baron

    i recommend it! i’ve added it to my diet and for after workouts and I feel fantastic and see results! – Manu Caballero

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